Wednesday, March 23, 2011

words of advice

do not project
one of my favorites. taken with my iphone a while back at SCRAP...

Monday, June 28, 2010


chairs silhouetted by film industry DJ
frameline34 logo in red
in addition to attending many excellent films at frameline34 last week, i was also one of the volunteer photographers. it was a blast shooting parties and panels, and i hope to do it again next year. the above shots are a few of my personal favorites.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SF loves a parade...

lil sfcarnaval girl sfcarnaval woman in red sfcarnaval lady
if there's one thing i've learned living in san francisco, it's that we know how to throw a party! san franciscans don't need a reason to put on a costume and dance, so when there is a reason, you'd better believe folks show up full force. i've attended quite a few parades, festivals, and other such events in the city, and SFCAT's annual Carnaval Celebration of Arts and Culture is definitely one of my favorites. and now that i live in the neighborhood, it's great to have such a cool parade only blocks from my house!

Friday, January 15, 2010

from the set of the insomniacs... two years later

the insomniacs press photo
a couple of years ago i had the good fortune to shoot stills on the set of a great little indie short, the insomniacs. the film was shot on super 16mm, so i shot film as well, to match the look. this was the first time i shot stills on a movie set, and i instantly fell in love with it, despite the fact that my camera broke mid-production and had to be literally held together with gaffers tape. ah, good times! 
the insomniacs showed in several festivals, both national and international. it has continued to garner accolades from the press and is now out on dvd in a collection of lesbian shorts. all of this means that i am suddenly encountering the above photo of skyler cooper and jenoa harlow in magazines and on websites, which i have to say is pretty cool! you can view more photos from the set of the insomniacs by clicking here or on the photo above. and don't forget to order your copy of this great short film from altcinema

Monday, January 4, 2010

just an old faded photograph?

of course one of my favorite photographic subjects is my nephew. i know i'm biased, but he is one cute kid. recently, i've been playing around more with processing and effects in the lightroom 3 beta. i added some grain and vignetting and desaturated this one a bit to give it a faded film look. 

Monday, December 14, 2009

way down here you need a reason to move...

abierto todos
Servicio en la playa
i was lucky enough to spend a few days in puerto vallarta, mexico. i unfortunately wasn't there long enough to spend much time in puerto vallarta itself and didn't get to shoot any there. however, i was able to take some snapshots around the hotel and the nearby village and beach, la jolla de mismaloya. the 1964 john huston version of the tennessee williams' play night of the iguana was filmed here. it is amazingly beautiful, but unfortunately much of the film location has eroded away. 

Friday, November 13, 2009

trees grow in manhattan


when most people think of new york city, and manhattan in particular, they think of traffic, busy people, honking horns, excitement, hustle and bustle. when i was there last month, i experienced all of that, but i also managed to find a different new york. i was strolling through central park on a beautiful fall sunday when i came across this vacant bench surrounded by a gorgeous display of the changing season. such a quiet, peaceful place in the middle of one of the busiest places on earth. i almost managed to forget where i was!